War propaganda

Viribus Unitis!

With united forces! This was one of the slogans of Franz Joseph, which often appears in war propaganda materials. The catchword itself is much earlier, as the first member of the latest battleship class, for example, has been baptized by that name. What’s more, the ship class itself was also called the Viribus Unitis class. Then, of course, in the Great War, the slogan originally intended to express national cohesion meant more and more the friendship and close alliance of the Central Powers.

In the post, I uploaded a postcard and a badge with the inscription “Viribus unitis” both also decorated with the portraits of the German and Austrian emperors. There were many variations of these, presenting a practically almost unfinishable collection area. When designing the opening picture I could not resist leaving the central part free and placing the badge on the side. The image of the rifleman there deserved my special attention!

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