Men at arms

4th honvéd FKR

The establishment of the artillery of the honvéd began just before the Great War. The first honvéd field artillery units were founded in 1913. Among them was No. 4, whose command was in the city of Nyitra. In 1914, the divisions were organized into regiments with 4 batteries each. The core of the staff of the newly formed artillery units was the crew transferred from the common regiments.

After the war mobilization, the 4th Honvéd Field Cannon Regiment was assigned to the artillery brigade of the 37th Division. Another regiment of the brigade was the KuK 13th Field Artillery Regiment. Later, of course, howitzer regiments and heavy artillery were also organized for the honvéd divisions. Some of their crews were often taken from the previously established cannon regiments. The 4th gunners kept their original numbering even after the subsequent changes in the artillery organization. This can be seen on this 1916 badge. A 1918 badge was also made with the same motif and script: even then they called themselves four-armed gunners.

The main motif on the Kappenabzeichen is the field cannon. I used a corresponding photo for the post. This clearly shows the recoil of the gun barrel after firing. Probably, the picture was taken during a shooting practice.

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