Men at arms

39th Honvéd ID “Forward”

The March 1917 attack of the 39th Division against Magyaros-tető was already among the posts on the site. This attack was so successful that it attracted the interest of foreign guests as well. In a picture received from the Netherlands, we see the visiting Dutch delegation in the summer of 1917 in the Magyaros area. The visitors were welcomed by Lieutenant Colonel Géza Sáfrány, commander of the 10th Honvéd Infantry Regiment. He showed the site of the famous action. A note on the back of the photo reports on all of this.

What is very interesting is that the head of the Dutch delegation wears Austro-Hungarian cap badges on his jacket. Among them, the 39th division ranks first. The infantry regiment led by Sáfrány was also part of this division. All of this sheds interesting light on the contemporary wearing habits of cap badges. It was so widespread and important that foreign officers participating in courtesy visits themselves received and wore Austro-Hungarian cap badges.

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