Kappenabzeichen on postcards

3. Schützen regiment (2)

A few weeks ago, I uploaded one of the postcards of the 3rd rifle regiment, part of a series. In this post, I present another very nice postcard from that series. And also a rare badge, made for this rifle regiment as well.

The badge is special because it was apparently not designed with its engraving, it was added afterwards. In some cases, the regiments did not order a new composition from the badge manufacturers, but engraved previously produced propaganda insignia. The basic items were mostly portraits of monarchs, such as the insignia of the 1st Hussars, the 34th or the 15th regiment. Also other patriotic Kappenabzeichen were sometimes used. In the case of the badge just published, the bayonet is decorated with laurel. The subsequently engraved (struck?) inscription: SR 3.

On the postcard next to the badge, we see soldiers in assault helmets. This suggests that the card was made towards the end of the war. The use of assault helmets became widespread in the Monarchy’s infantry forces from the end of 1917, but mainly in 1918. The production of helmets only started during the war, and there was a great shortage of them for a long time. That is why Austro-Hungarian soldiers also used captured French and Italian helmets. The Germans also supplied helmets. Two main types were produced in the country, the monarchical version of the one used in the German army, and the so-called “Berndorf” helmet designed locally. In the picture, we see the German-style helmet.

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