Men at arms

24. Schützen Regiment

A beautiful and special wearing photo is the subject of this post. The corporal in the picture wears the Kappenabzeichen of the 24th Rifle Regiment in Vienna. We can see three special features. 1. In the photography of the Great War, the cabinet photos appear only occasionally, amateur photography used on the battlefield or the photographer assigned to the troops, who usually made postcards from the on-site photos, is much more typical. 2. Wearing the badge on the tunic is rarer than on the field cap. Badges of a larger size and weight were usually pinned to the tunic pocket, such as the badge of the 24 riflemen. 3. The badge itself is a special feature too, extremely rare, especially in photos.

The 24th Vienna Rifle Regiment belonged to the 13th Division throughout the war. They served in various corps on the Eastern Front until August 1917. At that time, the division was transferred to the Italian front, where they were also deployed in several places, primarily in Tyrol and Carinthia. In the Piave offensive, they were deployed to capture Montello and suffered heavy losses.

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