22,5 cm M15 (17) heavy mortar

Böhler-Kapfenberg heavy mortar is a simple, heavy-duty muzzle-loaded gun with a fixed base plate without a recoil system. It was adjustable in the 25-75 ° angle range with the two adjusting wheels in front. Due to its high weight (432 kg), it was quickly embedded in soft ground after just a few shots. It was handled by 4 main staff.

The cannon tube could not be moved sideways. New targets could only be targeted by moving the entire structure. The projectile weighed 48 kg and was equipped with a timer. It was possible to fire two shots per minute with it. Its maximum range was only 1,550 meters. A real trench combat tool. His projectiles did not have a stabilizer or any directional orientation, so they often fell to their sides and did not explode.

The mortars fired on a steep trajectory, so they were able to shoot behind terrain obstacles. Due to the steep angle of incidence, they were also effective in destroying trenches. The badge of the mortar squadron of the 44th Artillery Regiment shows the names of the Italian front, but was used on all fronts. The other rectangular badge depicts the cannon particularly plastically. They were mostly installed in recessed, camouflaged positions, but the black gunpowder smoke from the firing still easily betrayed the location of the device. Therefore, most mortars, especially the smaller ones, operated with compressed air.

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