M 15 12 cm trench mortar

Mortars were an important artillery tool in trench battles. Their projectiles moved on a steep trajectory, so they could reach trenches and shelters from above, at a greater angle of impact. According to the caliber, the devices were classified into light, medium and heavy mortar types. Devices with a caliber of 12-15 cm belonged to the medium size category.

The design and production of mortars gained momentum during the war, as the demand became more and more intense. The 12 cm trench mortar was developed from the previously designed light 9 cm device. The technical office of the army ordered the delivery of 50 pieces from one of the smaller weapons manufacturing plants. But even this small order was not fully realized, only 10 pieces were completed. Mass production was not started because the firing range of the device was too short (maximum 430 meters).

Despite this, as the photo, drawing and the badge attached to the post show, the device was a great success of wartime propaganda. The most surprising is the drawing made by a soldier of the 1st Landwehr infantry regiment. The nickname of this gun is also mentioned: “Thin Gretl”, as if we were to see the names of other more common weapons. It is also interesting that this type was depicted on the trench mortar badge of the Arkanzas company.

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