Kappenabzeichen on postcards

1. honvéd cyclist company

In a previous post, I wrote here about how the development of cyclist units in the Monarchy’s army. In the honvéd branch first two bicycle companies were organized, towards the end of the war an entire battalion was set up. Little is known about these units. While in the joint KuK force, the cyclists were placed in the rifle battalions, in case of the honvéd the two cyclist companies were subordinated in the two cavalry divisions. The letter shown in the post was written by the officer of the 1st honvéd bicycle company, First Lieutenant Sternegg, to Lieutenant Colonel Baron Sternegg, presumably his father. The 1st bicycle squadron was assigned to the 5th honvéd cavalry division.

This is how the honvéd hussars and the general insignia of the honvéd cavalry comes into the picture. Unfortunately, I haven’t got hold of a cyclist badge so far, only their collar badge is known, but it is also very rare. It is interesting that there was a postcard with an inscription marking cyclists.

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