Roundtrip in Austria-Hungary


The city of Pécs was founded by the Romans in the 2nd century as Sopiane. It was a provincial seat and an important Christian center. Early Christian tombs have been excavated in its territory, which can be visited today. In 1009 King St. Stephen founded his bishopric, and King Louis the Great established the town university in 1367. It remained an important center even during the Turkish occupation. It underwent rapid economic development during the dualist monarchy. Today it is the fifth most populated settlement in Hungary. The largest and one of the most famous buildings in the city is the cathedral. It was built on an 11th century foundation. In its present form, it was consecrated in 1891 in the presence of the monarch Franz Joseph 1. Notes of the early Romanesque cathedral can be discovered on it.

Pécs was an important military organization center. The house regiment was the 52nd Infantry Regiment. But the 19th Honvéd Infantry Regiment and the 8th Honvéd Hussar Regiment were also stationed here. We can also see the image of the cathedral on two beautiful badges of 8th the hussars.

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