War propaganda

Occupation of Bucharest

In the third year of the Great War, Romania was finally determined to attack the bleeding Monarchy. There were many military and diplomatic reasons for the delay, but as the ineffectiveness of the attack shows, caution was warranted. The attack, which began in late August, was stopped by the central powers and the attackers were repulsed so much that the Romanian capital had to be evacuated in early December. The Romanians suffered huge losses. The remnants of their ruined army were reorganized in the remaining parts of Moldavia under Russian supervision and using French equipment. You can read more about the war events here.

Of course, the Monarchy also sought to exploit the great victory in order to inspire the weary population and soldiers. The victory had great propaganda value. This is evident in the fact that quite a few propaganda badges were made specifically for the occasion of this campaign. One of them shows a tiger breaking out of Transylvania’s hills as he just puts his paw on the enemy’s capital, Bucharest.

All four Allied Powers took part in the occupation of Bucharest. In addition to German and Austro-Hungarian soldiers, the pictures of the excellent photographic material taken in the city also show Turkish soldiers in some places. The leader of the campaign was General August von Mackensen, who can also be seen in many pictures as he witnesses the victorious armies. The attached picture also shows him on a street in Bucharest.

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