M9 10 cm Turmhaubitze

In the Tyrolean mountains, both the Monarchy and Italy set up a line of fortifications against each other. Part of the armament of the forts consisted of cannons placed in rotatable armored turrets. In the Austro-Hungarian fortresses 10 cm howitzers mounted on a special cannon base were mainly used. This was developed from the M99 field howitzer. The armored dome and the cannon were separate structures, so the trajectory of the firing could be modified to some extent without moving the turret laterally. The cannons placed at high points could be adjusted down to 15 degrees and up to 43 degrees. The 176.5 cm long cannon barrel was still produced from outdated cast bronze. The recoil was slowed down by a hydraulic brake. The weapon was able to fire M9 shrapnel grenades or M11 destructive grenades at a maximum distance of 7.3 km.

The range and calibre of the Austro-Hungarian cannons were smaller than those of the matching Italian weapons. In addition, these were usually installed in higher locations, which provided an additional advantage. The armor of the tower could not be penetrated by the large-caliber Italian guns. A weak point, however, was the also armored underground corridor through which the turret could be accessed. The guns were therefore removed from the towers and installed in open positions. They worked better there.

The badge shown in the post depicts such a disassembled tower howitzer. According to the inscription, the weapon was used in the geographical location of Malga Pozza, by the 5/6 tower howitzer battery. The name can indicate two places. Such name had a part of a settlement, more precisely a shelter in the Fassaner Alps near Moena. But a mountain is also designated by the name near Rovereto. As the fortification systems are described to have been built on the Sieben Gemeinden Plateau, I am inclined that the latter place will be the real one. Near this are the Italian forts of Corbin and Campolon, which are mentioned in the descriptions of the battles between the forts. You can also see this place in the panoramic view of the nearby Zugna Torta mountain.

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