War propaganda


The war propaganda often likened the warriors of the nation to the king of animals, the invincible lion. The image of the large maned male lion appears on propaganda media, including postcards and badges. In some cases, a troop was also informally named after the lions. Thus became the soldiers of the 128th Insurgent Infantry Brigade, and in this the soldiers of the 3rd Insurgent Regiment of Debrecen the “Lions of Stochod”. The honorary title was given by the Allied Germans in recognition of their merits in defeating the Brussilov offensive in the summer of 1916.

Lion depictions are mostly lifelike, although in some cases they can be a bit stylized. To decide the issue, I did field research to look at the appearance of lions living freely in the nature. I’ve seen several beautiful specimens, often with huge mane, but I have to say that the hair on the depictions is a bit exaggerated.

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