War diary

January 1918

In this month, the most significant events took place in the territory of the disintegrating Russian Empire. The peace negotiations with the Central Powers that began the previous month continued. Meanwhile, large areas declared their independence. The Bolshevik government that came to power recognized the self-determination of the Finnish people. On the other hand, it was in constant conflict with Ukraine, which also declared itself an independent nation.

Ukraine’s large tracts of land, farmland, mines, and ports were too important to be easily relinquished by any government representing the Russians. True, at the end of the peace negotiations, the Soviets had to cede this territory to the victorious powers in March 1918. Until this issue was decided, the Soviet government was in a military conflict with the independent Ukrainian People’s Republic, proclaimed on January 20. During January, fighting took place in several places.

The image used for this post is of a crowd proclaiming an independent Ukraine in Kiev. In the blog, I present Great War badges, so in this case as well. Of course, the badges are not related to the short-lived independent Ukraine, but to Ukrainian volunteers fighting in the army of the Monarchy. Like the Poles, there was also a Ukrainian legion, whose Kappenabzeichen are also known. In this post, I present the most frequently occurring piece, which depicts in the center the Archangel Michael, the patron saint of Ukraine, the leader of the heavenly armies.

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