War propaganda

Hands off!

Anti-Italian propaganda was particularly strong in the Monarchy. Perhaps one reason for this may have been that Italy was still an ally a few decades earlier. He withdrew from the Central Powers only before the Great War, and in 1915 joined the Entente. The Italians who violated their allegiance were particularly repulsive in the somewhat sentimental Austrian conception. Of course, we should not forget that they wanted to acquire Austrian territories in Tyrol, the Coastal Territory and Dalmatia.

Thus, the Italians were portrayed in particularly repulsive forms by the propaganda machinery of the Monarchy. Sometimes as an assassin, sometimes as an ill cat or goat. In this post, the postcard shows the hand of a thief, which is received by the “iron fist” of the vigilantly guarded armored knight. “Hands off!” the call sounds. A lot of such propaganda material has been made. In the form of a badge, the Tyrolean eagle is most often found, with the same inscription on the board.

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