War propaganda

Görz mock badge

In the series of mock badges, this current piece again shows the Austrian private teaching the enemy. The subject suffering from the funny scene is an Italian. A Bersaglieri, judged by his feathered hat. The road sign in the background points to Görz. Somewhere on one of the roads to occupy Görz, the two of them clashed. In Podgora, near Oslavija or on the Sabotino hill? Wherever. The Monarchy established a bridgehead around the city of Görz on the Isonzo, which the Italians could only occupy in the summer of 1916. In the attached map, the mentioned place names indicate the defense line posts on the west bank of the river.

The photo attached to the post also depicts the bridgehead. The picture was taken on the Podgora hill and looks back behind the Austrian lines. At the left edge of the picture lies the village of Oslavija in the middle of the valley between the Podgora and Sabotino mountains. The mountain San Gabriele mentioned in the picture, which is slightly to the left of the center of the picture, is already on the east coast of Isonzo. Above Isonzo, which exits the mountains to the Görz plain between the mountains San Gabriele and Sabotino, the railway bridge at Salcano was built on the sides of the two mountains. In the middle of the picture you can see the town of Görz. In the foreground is the Isonzo  river. Not shown in the picture, but in the case of a larger panoramic view, Mt San Michele, a strategically important elevation rising on the north-western edge of the Karst Plateau (Doberdo), would be visible to the right. This mountain was also the scene of severe fighting.

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