German M16 hand grenade

In the attached photo we see assault soldiers with interesting hand grenades. The military industry of the Monarchy was unable to produce adequate quantities of hand grenades, so German types were also often used. Pictured is a German M16 hand grenade with a larger warhead attached to the assault soldiers’ belt. The larger head is designed to increase the fracture effect. This was mainly needed in open terrain, where grenades were often used to destroy wire barriers and other structures.

I see a similar wide-headed grenade on the badge, so I chose this badge next to the photo. The 145th Assault Battalion fought in the same numbered infantry brigade. The brigade was set up in February 1916 from mixed, mostly insurgent battalions. In the fall of 1916, this brigade formed the backbone of the Szívó Group. The group repulsed the invading Romanian troops along the Lower Danube. I’ve already written about this event here.

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