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General Max v. Gallwitz

General Max von Gallwitz has already appeared in a post here. He was the commander of the German 11th Army, which cooperated closely with the Monarchy’s army on the Eastern Front. At this time, many Austro-Hungarian troops were assigned to this army. That is why the German general was included in the commanders’ portrait series. In addition, in view of the successes of the German general who gained merit in the breakthrough in Gorlice and in the pursuit of the Russians, he may have been popular. Or it could be that the propaganda tried to popularize him. Since 1916, a significant part of the general staff of the Monarchy looked more and more jealously at the commanders of the German army. Disagreements were common, sometimes with serious consequences, resulting sometimes in the mismanagement of subordinate troops. Obviously, the mistrust was two-sided, the Germans demanded things for reasons and sometimes without reason in the turmoil of the battles.

The Arkanzas company in Budapest made two types of badges for General Gallwitz. In addition to the one presented in the already mentioned post, here we can see the other one. Next to the new badge, I am of course attaching another picture of the general, this time a postcard made from a painting.

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