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Colonel Karl Glöckner in IR 23

He was born on December 31, 1871, graduated from the Military Academy in Vienna in 1893 and from the Kriegsschule in Vienna in 1898. He was promoted to colonel in 1915. Colonel Karl Glöckner was appointed commander of the 23rd Infantry Regiment in May 1915. The regiment’s memorial book writes with great respect about the colonel’s activities, courage and humanity. As can be seen in the photo taken from the book, he received the highest honors available for battlefield officer positions, up to the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Leopold and the German Iron Cross.

The reinforced crossing of the Bug River during the summer offensive of 1915 is linked to his name and to the 23rd Infantry Regiment. And in the summer of 1916, in the area of Cebrów and Worobijówka, they gained glory as part of the 32nd Division. Positions were held out until the very end, preventing the front from collapsing in this section. The regiment was on the Eastern Front until the spring of 1918. Then they were transferred to a XXVI. corps and was sent to the Italian front. After the Piave offensive, it was used as military police force in the hinterland. At the end of October, it was assigned to the Kövess Army Group to stop the advance of the Entente on the Balkans, but it no longer took part in serious combat operations due to the ceasefire that came into effect.

I am attaching the best-known insignia of the 23rd Infantry Regiment to the post. The name of Viscount Leopold of Baden, who was the owner of the regiment, appears in its circular.

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