Generals and personalities

Arthur von Bolfras colonel general

He was born in 1838 in Sachsenhausen, Germany. His family was of German descent on the Rhine, but his father had already become a colonel in the army of the Monarchy. According to the customs of the age, his son followed him in the military profession. In 1858 he entered the actual service as a lieutenant, first in the 39th Infantry Regiment. As a lieutenant, he took part in the Battle of Solferino and then in several other battles in Italy. He graduated from the Vienna Military Academy between 1860 and 1862 and was promoted to captain in 1864. He then held positions at various levels of the military administration, first in Tyrol and then in the Vienna Ministry of War. In 1878 he took part in the Bosnian occupation as a staff officer of the 3rd Corps. He then briefly became commander of the 7th Infantry Regiment, in the rank of colonel. In 1887, as Major General, he became the commander of the 3rd and later the 48th Infantry Brigade. From 1889 he headed the emperor’s military office, and became the emperor’s confidante. He remained in this position until his retirement in 1917. He died in 1922 in Baden, near Vienna. His memory is still revered in Austria. In the town of Mistelbach there is a barracks named after him.

It was the regimental owner of the 84th Infantry Regiment (Wiener Neustadt), as shown by the badge and letter seal attached to the post. I have already written about the history of the regiment here. One of the many memories of the highly prestigious regiment is this cap badge made by the Brüder Schneider Company in Vienna. Several versions are known. In addition to the more common war metal version presented here, it was also made of silver. Also made of silver is a version with a notched support strap running horizontally across it like a brooch. The letter sealer is also decorated with the image of the badge.

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