Special units

Areal combat

The use of airplanes on the battlefield in the major combatant countries of the Great War developed rapidly. Over the years, the number of machines has increased several times, and the technical parameters of the airplanes have also improved a lot. At first, the airplanes took over the role of wire-fixed observation balloons, which had already been used for a long time, and were given reconnaissance tasks. But already in the conflicts fought in the early 1910s, dropping bombs soon appeared among the tasks. From there, it was only a short jump to prepare the planes for aerial combat.

The Kappenabzeichen in the post supposedly depicts aerial combat. Of course, the airplanes on it are very rough, they have a more stylized shape. A triple formation of larger (bomber?) machines can be seen on the badge. One of the planes is believed to be damaged and falling towards the ground. No enemy aircraft can be seen in the picture, rather only the anti-aircraft artillery fire surrounds the formation. So the inscription on the badge “Fight over the Alps” does not really describe the depicted situation. I placed the badge on a portrait photo of an airborne soldier.

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