Kappenabzeichen on postcards

2nd Kaiserschützen Regiment

Tyrol enjoyed a special status in Austria. I will not go into the historical reasons for this here. From the point of view of the Great War, it is important that there were territorial defense units that were organized into battalions by district. These were not ordered from the border regions of Tyrol. At the same time, there were line regiments according to the Austro-Hungarian general rule (they were the Kaiserjäger) and rifle regiments. Four regiments from both troops. The second regiment of Tyrolean riflemen was placed in Bozen.

The 2nd Tyrolean Rifle Regiment fought in the 30th Division on the Eastern Front until the summer of 1915. After the Italian attack, they returned to Tyrol to the Tyrolean Home Defense Corps. After reorganization and renaming, the Tyrolean Riflemen, then already Kaiserschützen, were assigned to the Tyrolean Kaiserschützen Division, all four regiments. They fought in Tyrol on various fronts until the summer of 1918.

The regiment’s Kappenabzeichen was modeled after the weedy, the symbol of the mountain troops. The circular describes the name of the regiment and the year 1914-15. The postcard used as a background belonged to the sister regiment, the 1st Trient.

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